The Sand Canyon hiking trail runs N. to S. and can be entered from either end. The N. end is at 6,800 feet with the S. at 5,400. Total lenght of the trail is 6.1 miles. The last 1.5 miles of the north end is very steep with lots of switch backs to bring you out of the canyon to the trail head. If you dont feel up to heavy hiking start the hike from the south end and then hike as far as you can before turning around.
Sand Canyon from the north
The hike in Sand Canyon is perfect for those who have problem with high altitude hiking since it all takes place below 6,800 feet. The trail gently follows the bottom of the canyon and when one looks up the canyon sides many cliff dwellings can be seen imbedded in the solid sand stone walls. You may climb up and view the dwellings from within but some rock climbing is needed.
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When hiking the trail and especially when close to the dwellings, many artifacts can be observed such as remnants of broken pottery and other items from the ancient times. It must be understood that no items can be removed from the area and should remain where they were found. Since the trail is located in the bottom of a canyon, summer temperatures can easily reach 100 degrees so bring lots of water. Even though winter month is colder and requires warm clothing you will still find many hikers in shorts. Seldom will you find the ground covered by snow.
Ruins Sand Canyon
Cliff Dwellings